Authentic Italian Food Runs in the Family

Learn the humble beginnings of our family-owned Italian restaurant in Lawrence Township, NJ

Everyone knows that the most authentic Italian food is a family affair. That's exactly how Leonardo's got started. Our family-owned Italian restaurant was purchased by brother and sister owners, Robert Pluta and Jeanne Brady in 2007. The property had a long history as a restaurant, serving as several different concepts over its 30 years. Growing up in Lawrence Township, NJ, Robert and Jeanne knew this, so they dedicated Leonardo's to serving the community through authentic Italian food.

Today, our family-owned Italian restaurant is still a community staple. We want everyone to feel as welcome as a member of our family. Stop by today, or you can call ahead at 609-396-4466.

Every community member has a special place in our heart

Whether you're one of our regulars or a brand-new customer, we'll get to know you on a personal level. We're always glad to welcome and welcome back:

  • Friends
  • Associates
  • Colleagues
  • School teachers
  • Church groups
  • Community groups
Visit our family restaurant today for an experience that feels like eating in your own dining room.